How do I change my senderid?

When sending messages you are able to set a senderid in the request to the HTTP API. The parameter used for that is the "from" parameter.

This parameter would allow you to set a couple of different types:

  • Alpha senderid (max 11 characters)
  • Numeric senderid (max 16 characters)

Alpha senderid

For example you can set it to "BudgetSMS". The receiver of the message will then get the message with that senderid. It is not possible for receivers of alpha senderid sms messages to reply.
Not all countries/operators allow alpha senderid's, so be sure to check the specific country details for any information about this.

Numeric senderid

An numeric senderid can be few things:

  • International formatted (with countrycode)
  • Short code: a short number-range (eg: 4411)
  • Local formatted senderid: (without countrycode)
Countries/operators can also have specific rules for setting a numeric senderid. Please read the detailed specifications per country.

I set a different senderid then was received

If you did all the right things, as explained above, and still receive a different senderid then set when submitting the message: the senderid was overwritten by a supplier or operator to ensure better delivery. Be aware that there are a LOT of filters in place worldwide that filter on countless things, senderid being one of them.
By changing a senderid a supplier or operator can pass a filter and allow a message to be delivered, where it otherwise would have been blocked.
The quality of a route can sometimes also impact the senderid. Especially low priced routes will have a fixed senderid, or overwriting practices. Sometimes the only solution will be using higher quality routes for the SMS delivery. Please contact BudgetSMS for a possible solution.