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SMS HTTP API features

Dynamic Senderid

Set your own senderid to most of our destinations. A lot of the destinations allow changing a senderid. This can be a numeric (maximum of 16 numbers) or an alpha (maximum of 11 characters) senderid

Unicode Support

BudgetSMS will automatically detect if you are sending unicode content. If a character is detected that is not part of the standard GSM 03.38 character set, the message will be sent as unicode message.

Pricing Information

You can request extra pricing information when sending an SMS. You will then know how many SMS parts were used and what the total cost of the message was.

Check account credit

An easy call is created to check the remaining credit in your account. Use it in your custom reports or create an alert when the credit is running low

Easy SMS Concatenation

If you send SMS messages that are longer than one SMS (over 160 characters standard GSM, or over 70 characters unicode), we will split the message in multiple parts for you automatically.

Free Delivery Notifications

Delivery Notification (DLR) support is free of charge and can be setup with ease. Just create an endpoint on your server and we will post all SMS status updates to your server to process.

MCC + MNC Information

You can request extra operator information when sending an SMS. This will return the MCC (Country code) and actual MNC (Operator code) of the receiver.

HLR calls

The HTTP API also includes a call to perform a HLR (Home Location Register) request. With this request you can check what operator a number belongs to

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