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Our SMS Gateway is based on a proven and custom made platform designed and created by our own inhouse developers. Because of our custom built SMS Gateway we are able to service our customers better. We understand the SMS market, if needed, we will come up with custom solutions.

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SMS Gateway Features

Custom SMS Routing

The default SMS routing can be used, or we can setup a custom routing that fits your messaging requirements. Depending on your needs we can setup HQ routes or even direct connections for your destinations.

International SMS Routes

We have many international SMS routes that can be used to seliver your SMS messages. When attractive pricing is an important requirement of your SMS traffic, interbational routes can be the perfect solution.

HLR Based

HLR lookups (Home Location Register) are used to determine the destination operator, if it is a valid number and if the number might be ported. This is done to route the SMS to the best route to deliver the message

Great SMS Gateway pricing

We are able to offer low prices because of a couple of reasons, like highly automated SMS Gateway, big volumes at higher discounts, multiple route options. We like our customers to share these benefits

High Availability Platform

Platform built on high availability, low latency cloud infrastructure. It spans across multiple top rated data centers in The Netherlands. Connectivity to our servers is redundant, so network issues are not to be expected.

Direct Connections to operators

We are able to setup Direct Connections to a lot of operators worldwirde, to ensure the best delivery quality as possible. Although more expensive then wholesale routes, the delivery percentage is unrivaled.

Global reach

Due to our many connections with operators and SMS aggregators we are able to reach almost every country worldwide. Each destination is covered by multiple wholesale routes and usually one or more direct connections.

Easy SMS Gateway integration

Connecting to our SMS Gateway is very easy. All details are well documented on the site and available as download. Sending SMS is a matter of calling an URL on our SMS webservice

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