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With Push DLR you will receive DLR updates for SMS messages sent through your account. There is no request you can perform, but it is actually a request made by BudgetSMS to your server.
Each time BudgetSMS receives an update for a sent message, we check if the user has setup Push DLR. If it is setup by the user, we will then forward this DLR notification to your server.

Push DLR settings

To setup push DLR a push URL on your server should be entered in the control panel. When you have enabled the Push DLR service, BudgetSMS API will start pushing DLR messages.

Push DLR parameters

Each request done to your push URL will contain the following parameters:

Variable Description Format Example
id SMS id (from the response of the "/sendsms/" request) Numeric 25745294
status Current status of the message Numeric 1
date Timestamp Unix timestamp 1484407297

More information on push DLR parameter "status"

There are a number of different statuses you can expect in this parameter. To find all possibilities, please check "DLR Status"

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