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This allows you to fetch detailed information on mobile numbers worldwide. It will return the actual MCC and MNC of a subscriber. This will also work with subscribers who are ported to another operator.

HLR API endpoint


HLR call parameters

Variable Description Format Required Example
username BudgetSMS username Alphanumeric Yes user1
userid BudgetSMS userid Numeric Yes 21547
handle BudgetSMS handle Alphanumeric Yes 1e753da74
to Subscriber msisdn to check Numeric Yes 31612345678

More information on HLR parameter "to"

This parameter will hold the subscriber number that needs to be checked. It should be in the correct format, otherwise it will not work.
The parameter should only contain numbers, no spaces or other characters (like '+', '-', '(' or ')').
The country prefix should be included and the trailing local 0 should be omitted.

So mobile number 06-12345678 from The Netherlands (country prefix +31) will become: 31612345678

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