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This is the full list of possible error codes.

Full Send SMS error code list

Error code Description
1001 Not enough credits to send messages
1002 Identification failed. Wrong credentials
1003 Account not active, contact BudgetSMS
1004 This IP address is not added to this account. No access to the API
1005 No handle provided
1006 No UserID provided
1007 No Username provided
2001 SMS message text is empty
2002 SMS numeric senderid can be max. 16 numbers
2003 SMS alphanumeric sender can be max. 11 characters
2004 SMS senderid is empty or invalid
2005 Destination number is too short
2006 Destination is not numeric
2007 Destination is empty
2008 SMS text is not OK (check encoding?)
2009 Parameter issue (check all mandatory parameters, encoding, etc.)
2010 Destination number is invalidly formatted
2011 Destination is invalid
2012 SMS message text is too long
2013 SMS message is invalid
2014 SMS CustomID is used before
2015 Charset problem
2016 Invalid UTF-8 encoding
2017 Invalid SMSid
3001 No route to destination. Contact BudgetSMS for possible solutions
3002 No routes are setup. Contact BudgetSMS for a route setup
3003 Invalid destination. Check international mobile number formatting
4001 System error, related to customID
4002 System error, temporary issue. Try resubmitting in 2 to 3 minutes
4003 System error, temporary issue.
4004 System error, temporary issue. Contact BudgetSMS
4005 System error, permanent
4006 Gateway not reachable
4007 System error, contact BudgetSMS
5001 Send error, Contact BudgetSMS with the send details
5002 Wrong SMS type
5003 Wrong operator
6001 Unknown error
7001 No HLR provider present, Contact BudgetSMS.
7002 Unexpected results from HLR provider
7003 Bad number format
7901 Unexpected error. Contact BudgetSMS
7902 HLR provider error. Contact BudgetSMS
7903 HLR provider error. Contact BudgetSMS

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