I received an error code, what should I do?

To know what caused the error, please consult the link below. It will explain most errors. If you still do not know what caused the error, contact the support team.

Please read on if you receive error 3001. The most common error is people using the wrong formatting of the receiver number.

When sending to mobile phone the country prefix is mandatory. For example sending SMS to a Mobile subscriber in The Netherlands (country prefix +31) with local number 06-12345678.

Wrong usages for this example:

  • 0612345678
  • 310612345678
  • +31612345678
  • 0031612345678
The only correct way to format the "to" parameter when sending SMS is: 31612345678

So that means:

  • Always include the countryprefix
  • Omit the leading 0 for the local number
  • Do not use any non-number characters, like a space, +, -, (, ) etc. Just numbers 0-9
  • No leading 0's before the countryprefix

See also: /sms-http-api/error-code/