SMS gateway for Australia

BudgetSMS offers a stable and reliable SMS Gateway for Australia. With our simple HTTP API you will be sending SMS to Australia within minutes!

Use our SMS Gateway to send your SMS messages, just like these companies

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SMS prices for Australia as low as € 0.02 (See all details)

We cover all mobile network operators in Australia, like: Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, H3G Ltd., Three

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SMS pricing for all operators in Australia.

MCC MNC Operator Name Price
505 Other € 0.03500
505 01 Telstra € 0.03100
505 02 Optus € 0.03100
505 03 Vodafone € 0.03100
505 06 H3G Ltd. € 0.03500
505 06 Three € 0.03100
505 060 Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd € 0.03100
505 061 Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd € 0.03100
505 07 Vodafone € 0.03100
505 08 One.Tel € 0.03100
505 10 Norfolk Telecom € 0.03100
505 11 Telstra € 0.03100
505 12 Three € 0.03100
505 13 Railcorp € 0.03100
505 14 AAPT € 0.03100
505 16 Victorian Rail Track Corporation € 0.03100
505 19 Lycamobile € 0.03100
505 26 Dialogue Communications Pty € 0.03100
505 30 Compatel Limited € 0.03100
505 38 Crazy John's € 0.03100
505 55 Virgin Mobile € 0.05700
505 71 Telstra € 0.03100
505 72 Telstra € 0.03100
505 88 Localstar Holding Pty. Ltd. € 0.02000
505 90 Optus € 0.03100
505 99 One.Tel € 0.05700

Country details

  • Country prefix: +61
  • Porting possible: No
  • Coverage Wholesale Connections: Fully
  • Coverage Direct Connections: Fully
  • Possible Filtering Issues: Common

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We can reach over 2.000 operators around the globe!

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Send bulk SMS to Australia

Connect with your application with our bulk SMS Gateway and reach subscribers of all operators in Australia and over 2.000 operators worldwide. Implement our HTTP API and send any type of message to Australia, the possibilities are endless! Use our High Quality routes or Direct Connections to send high priority messages (for example: one time passwords, appointment reminders or authentication tokens) and enjoy the fast SMS delivery and high delivery percentage.
Do you have less critical messaging needs (for example SMS marketing messages), then use our wholesale routes to benefit from the low pricing we are able to offer.

SMS delivery in Australia

A lot of filters are in place, making it quite a difficult market to service. Only direct connections are reliable, as international and SS7 networks are blocked on a daily basis.

Our direct connections are fully featured (dynamic senderid, delivery to ported numbers, etc). Ask us for the direct connection pricing.

Telstra (mccmnc: 50501) only offers DLR on network level (so no handset DLR). All other networks supply standard handset DLR.

Optus (mccmnc: 50502) does not support concatenated SMS. Trying to do so will result in issues with delivery to Optus. To get the best delivery % possible, send SMS with max 160 characters (max 70 characters unicode). All other networks allow concatenated SMS.

Benefits of our SMS Gateway to Australia

Connecting to our SMS Gateway gives you as a user a lot of advantages. We have multiple routes to Australia, also in various qualities and pricing ranges. So your account will always match your SMS requirements.

Our SMS platform is built on top of a custom-built, high availability low latency platform and is hosted in Europe's most advanced datacenters. Next to that our platform is connected to a lot of operators and uplinks, so delivering your SMS messages to Australia will always be possible